Wi-Fi not functioning properly! What I supposed to do?

What you should do when your Wi-Fi stops to work?

During the year 2019, more than 4.13 billion of internet users were there across the globe. This is two times more than the internet users recorded a decade back. There is a wide range of works that people use to accomplish while taking help of the internet on a daily basis like shopping, work from home, paying the bills as well as taking classes online. So, this has also become vital for these internet users to know how they can fix problems with their Wi-Fi once it stops working.

When your Wi-Fi stops to work and you are not sure about the next step that you should take to bring it back on the track, you should follow these below mentioned methods. There are three different categories under which the Wi-Fi related issues can be segregated and these are provider issues, device related issues and network related issues.

As far as the network related issues are concerned, they can occur when your wireless network is not able to respond in the right way. This wireless network stays connected with the wireless router. In this case, you have to adjust the settings of the router or you need to replace it completely with a new one. Device related issues can arise when the laptop or smartphone like devices are not connected with the network or configured properly. This can also occur when there is a need for an update.

Both the network and device related issues can be solved by yourself most of the time. However, handling the provider related issues can be a bit tough business for you. If that problem has occurred from ISP or the internet service provider, then that concerned company will handle such issues and resolve it.

Wi-Fi – network issues

A wireless Wi-Fi network connects to the devices such as smartphone with the wireless router. This router is responsible to transmit Wi-Fi signal for those devices. When the Wi-Fi stops to work, it is usually a better idea to look at the Wi-Fi network and this is the best place to start solving the problem.

As far as Wi-Fi network is concerned, this function through the radio waves. It’s the wireless router that use to receive the data with the help of physical connection as well as converts that date into the radio waves which are often received by the wireless adapter of the device. So, there can be so many things that can become wrong during this whole process. But here we are going to talk more about the usual issues that can occur with your Wi-Fi connectivity.

Common network related issues

Problem with the router:

If your device is not able to locate or connect with Wi-Fi, then it might be an issue with router. Most of the routers use to have the blinking lights as well as icons that suggest more about the functions of the router. In case the icon that denote Wi-Fi or the icon that denotes the internet are not blinking, then it means the concerned functions are not working. You can sort out this issue while restarting the router. All you need to unplug your router wait for a few seconds and then start it again. Wireless network might take some minutes to get back on track once you restart the router.

When Wi-Fi is connecting to another network

There are instances when it is seen that the Wi-Fi tries to get connected with another network that users are not using. This can happen automatically or by some error. When this occurs, you should check with the menu of the Wi-Fi and this can be found under the settings of the device and make sure that the device connects with an intended network.

When the password of the Wi-Fi is changed

Most of the time we use Wi-Fi while having a password for it. And in case that password is changed, you cannot access the Wi-Fi network without resetting a new password for it. Some time the router might run on the basis of the default password and the user may not know this. Most of the time, the default password comes with the router when you buy it. So, keep that password within your access so that you can use it under certain conditions and can use the Wi-Fi network.

Signal problem with the router

When the wireless device is located at a good distance from the router, the Wi-Fi signal may not be accessible. Usually this signal can be received 150 feet in the indoor and 300 feet in the outdoor location. So, when you are not able to access this signal in the same room, then ensure that it’s a router signal issue.

Connectivity issues with the device

If you have a wireless device, then you should keep in mind that it can have separate connection with the Wi-Fi network. There might be instances when the Wi-Fi network can be working, but there can be few devices that are not able to connect with it. If the network is working properly and the devices are not able to connect, then the issue might be with the device and not with the Wi-Fi network.

The wireless devices that we use can have own Wi-Fi settings and menus. And these menus can be investigated to trace the connectivity issues. So, you need to make yourself more familiar with the Wi-Fi menus. And this might help you to get the clue behind why your devices are not able to get the connection. Most of the wireless devices that we use are able to turn on and off the connection while using their Wi-Fi menus. All you need to ensure that Wi-Fi remains enabled for your devices and at the same time airplane mode should remain off.

Common connectivity related issues with the devices

Your computer or phone might need a restart

Most commonly, the device you are using may need a restart, and you may need to take this step when the device was restarted several days ago. Ensure that the Wi-Fi is there for the device, and you should restart your device. Once it is restarted, check with the menu of the device’s Wi-Fi in order to see that whether or not the Wi-Fi is working properly.

Disabled network adapter

Your device might have an adapter for the wireless network. This adapter is used for establishing an internet connection for the device and the Wi-Fi router. This adapter uses to receive the signal of the Wi-Fi network and then it sends the signal to those devices that are connected with the network. By doing a quick search on the internet, you can also know how to enable the network adapter of the device. By using the Wi-Fi menu of the device, you can also enable this adapter. However, there are some laptops which use to have the physical switches that can help you enable such network adapter.

The driver of the network adapter is invalid or out-of-date

The driver of the network adapter is a kind of software which allows adapter to work as well as receive date from the wireless network properly. Some time it can become invalid or out of date. So, in that case, the users need to connect the ISP or the internet service provider. Check for the internet plan that you have taken or the cell plan and this will help you determine whether or not the driver is running out of date.

Issues from the ISP or internet service provider’s end

It’s the internet service provider that remains responsible to provide the access for the internet. Once you have checked the issues with the devices and network and the problem is still there, you should check it with your ISP.

If the issue with your Wi-Fi is there due to the ISP, you can hardly do anything to fix it. This is out of your reach and in that case, you must contact the ISP. There are also certain things that the internet users can do to check the Wi-Fi issues which are generated from ISP.

Common ISP issues

If you have not paid the internet bill

In case you forget to pay the internet bill, your connection can be cut off. To know this, you can call the internet service provider and can also pay the bill if you have not paid it. You can even taken help of their online portals to pay the bill.

Natural disaster and weather related problems

In case of bad weather as well as natural disasters, the internet might not work. This can affect the entire area. If you device is connecting to the Wi-Fi network and not accessing the internet; in that case bad weather can be the real cause.

ISP’s technical issue

Like the other telecommunication sectors, the ISP can also have technical issue. And this might affect the internet connection you are using. This is not your fault. Most of the ISPs use to communicate this issue with their users. Sometime everything might be working properly and the users are still not able to access the internet. In that case, you should check with the official website of the ISP to know why this problem has occurred.

Internet throttling

Internet throttling can occur when the ISP uses to slow down internationally or when they stop your internet connection. This might occur when the internet is used during the peak hours or when the internet users are considered as the valid members for that particular month. In that case, check with the website of the ISP and also personal account to determine whether you are experiencing the internet throttling or is there any other problem.

When nothing works, it’s always a good idea to call the internet service provider

Most of the ISPs operating these days have the customer support service or helpline number. In case, your Wi-Fi is not working you can call on these numbers. You can even get this number while doing a quick search on the internet. However, you should take this option as the last resort. While calling on these numbers, you may need to wait and this might make you feel hectic.

Your ISP can even see remotely what is happening with your connection. So making a call on the helpline number can even bring great help for you. When you are communicating with the customer support executive appointed by the ISP, ensure that you clearly mention the problems that you are facing. You also need to mention about the steps that you have already taken to resolve the issue. This will help the executive to diagnose that issue properly and can suggest you a better way to fix it.

When the Wi-Fi stops to work, patience prevails

We live in a technological world and when the technology fails, our patience can really prevail. It can ruin our day’s plans. And when you have to deal with a troubling Wi-Fi that can have several components to look for, diagnosing the problem can frustrate you sometime.

Patience is the key to solve the Wi-Fi related issues. This might help you trace a way out for reconnecting with the internet. Think about things with a cool mind and this will help you to get a way out of the problem that is occurring with the Wi-Fi network.

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