Refund Policy

  1. If the subscriber of any plan surrenders the connection, then
    The request for refund will be considered in case of signafy pvt ltd inability to restore the connectivity due to reasons such as site out of service, due to permission issues or other situations with similar effect.
  2. signafy Pvt ltd does not entertain refund of any amounts that may have been paid by the ‘subscriber’, for an Annual / Semi Annual / Quarterly / Monthly. Only in case of non-feasibility of a new connection, refund is made by signafy.
  3. In case of Refund, the amount will be refunded to the customer’s account by online payment within 7 days.

Cancel & Return Policy

  1. If return is applicable then, Plan charges corresponding to the number of days/months of use/data transfer shall be payable/deducted from the upfront amount received to determine refund, if any. Full month shall be counted in case the usage is for part of the month.
  2. Customer needs to surrender signafy CPE in working condition. In case of non-receipt of CPE/CPE in non-working condition the penalty will be applicable. GST shall be accounted for against the charges. Refund, if applicable will be processed within 30 working days from the date of cancellation.
  3. Cancel and Return is not possible.
  4. No Refund in case of service disconnection within 6 Months (6 Renewals).